DAY 31 – Samarqkand’s “oh-oh, cavallo”

181 miles
#Bukhara to #Samarkand

The plan is to have a look around in the morning to what’s left to see in Bukhara, and then quietly drive to Samarkand, in order to arrive there around 6 pm, so that we can have time to see a little bit of Samarkand as well.

Char Minar and the Museum of Carpets are our targets. It wouldn’t take long, and so it does. It’s midday, and we’re ready to go. Everything is flowing as planned, until Ilaria spots a FK Bukhara stickers (Futbol Kulubu Bukahra) on the back of a cab. Such event triggers Emanuele’s craving for football jerseys. Obviously, someone that is fan of aa football team is always happy when someone else is interested in his team. Without understanding exactly how, Manu find himself on the aforementioned cab, being brought by the taxi driver somewhere where he will be able to find a FK Bukhara jearsy, since, apparently, it’s only something for fans. This somewhere is actually te driver’s house. Apparently he’s a hooligan of this team, and he’s selling us his jersey, because it can’t be bought anywhere else. Only enrolled fans can have it. Well, why not?

It is the moment to say that since we entered Uzbekistan, we have tried to stop in a restaurant to try the famous Plov (Palov, or Pilaf), a rice-based dish that is common among all the Stans. Every time we asked in a restaurant or a local taverna to have one for dinner, we’ve been told that it’s dish can be found at lunch time. We then stop in a small local place on the way to Samarkhand, which of course serves everything but Plov.

The jersey detour screwed a little bit our plans. We arrive in Samarkhand after 7pm, just in time for a walk around the Registan, an overwhelming visit at the tomb of Tamerlan by night, and a tasty dinner of soups, shashlik and vodka.

Number of countries crossed: 13
Days without accidents: 3
Number of times the counter has been reset: 2
Number of times the Jelly Belly has been washed: 1