DAY 22 – Living the Iranian way

520 miles (a lot of kilometers for the metric-civilised world)
#Garmeh to #Sabzevar

We agreed yesterday that we would have driven to Farhazad to see the sand dunes with the other guys. Early wake up (also because some Coyotes woke us up very early anyway), and let’s head to the dunes. They say you have to go bare foot on the dunes, as you will exchange energy with the desert, which is actually scientifically accurate. The sand is bloody burning, and we bet that some kind of energy is being exchanged between it and your feet.

Sand dunes are fun. You can climb up, enjoy the panorama, roll down, play football on them, and especially burn your feet. We have great time with the others. When it’s the moment of leaving, we feel really sad. As we said before, among many things, one of the main thing such a trip gives you is friends. And we feel like having found some others. Christian, Pietro and Rita, paying back your kindness and generosity will be hard. We’ll try as harder as possible.

The road to “we don’t know where we will stop” through the desert is a hell. Temperature is unbearable, and it’s full of wild camels around (yeah, we picture hell with a lot of camels, for some reasons). We stop at night, in a random town on the way to Mashhad, camping with the pilgrims coming back from the holy city.

Number of countries crossed: 11
Days without accidents: 22
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0
Number of invitations received: 8