DAY 21 – Let’s camp in the desert

190 miles (305.77 kms for the metric-civilised world)
#Yadz to #Garmeh

In the morning we realise that a solution to get some dollars would be going in the desert. The relationship between the two things is still not clear even to us.

We heard about a place, called Garmeh, where you can camp in a oasis, close to the water spring. There should be a guesthouse providing some food. Camping is the only option, since we have about 1000000 Rials left (which is not a lot). So we start driving north-east and then north. Quickly we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere, just a straight single road to follow, with any kind of possible desert left and right. Sand dunes, vegetation empty mountains and rocky flatlands. Every now and then a bunch of palm trees signals the presence of a small village.

We reach Garmeh quite easily in the end. More difficult is to find the guesthouse they were talking about. After having driven around this ghost village, a camel in a yard suggests us that that’s the place we are looking for. Which is closed, of course. Luckily the owner is still there, and he’s so merciful to prepare some tea and provide us with a dinner later. We enjoy the dates from the oasis, probably the best we will ever eat in our lives.

After having set up the camp near the spring of the oasis with some locals curiously looking at us, we stupidly climb up the mountain to see the sunset on the desert. Of course we don’t manage to reach the top.

The dinner is awesome, especially because we meet Rita, Pietro e Christian, three super nice guys from Torino. We spend the evening lovely chatting with them and their guide. Slightly less lovely is the night spent camping, as the temperature doesn’t let you sleep too much.

Number of countries crossed: 11
Days without accidents: 21
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0
Number of invitations received: 7