DAY 20 – The carpet shop

288 miles (463.49 kms for the metric-civilised world)
#Shiraz to #Yazd

When you plan an easy day in the Mongol Rally, some unexpected problems will show up eventually. We have a short drive in front of us (short for the MR standards), just 5 hours, to go from Shiraz to Yazd. We’re running out of Rials, and we don’t have a lot of dollars left to change, especially after we discover that we will really need dollars in the next countries, especially Uzbekistan.

The thing is that you can’t withdraw dollars in Iran (it’s understandable anyway). You can’t actually withdraw anything with an European card. And we need the bloody dollars. People around say that there’s no way to get them in the Stans. So we need a plan, or it’s going to be camping everywhere and eating all the food that our friends gave us at the goodbye party (yeah, it’s still there).

We can go to Tehran. There might be a bank which can give us dollars. But we really don’t want to go there. We can sell some of our equipment, like tires, Jerry cans. But we like them, and we spent so much time choosing them that it would be a pity. So we do what intelligent people would do. We keep going, and we will see when the dollars we have left sum up to 0.

We arrive in Yazd in the hottest time of the day. After having recovered, we go for a stroll in the charming old town. After 5 minutes walking we spot a VISA sign on a carpet shop, which sounds strange as VISA is not supposed to work anywhere. It turns out that you can “withdraw” small amount of dollars in carpet shops and jewelries. It’s just like “buying a small carpet”. We are a little bit relieved, but we need more dollars.

After avoiding the annoying nad spanish speaking priest at the mosque, we decide to celebrate with a tea on the roof of an old house, waiting for the sunset. Here we meet Federica, Andrea and Giulia, three Italian guys which we join for dinner. They are so kind to give us dollars in exchange of a bank transfer. We are another step further.

Number of countries crossed: 11
Days without accidents: 20
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0
Number of invitations received: 7