DAY 19 – The colours of Shiraz

13.5 kms (which are some miles in some countries, anyway a lot in the hot weather)
#Shiraz to #Shiraz

Not all the Mongol Rally days can be exciting the same way. Sometimes it is just nice to have a boring day as a normal tourist.

Now, the thing in Shiraz is that you need to wake up early to see the sunlight playing with the colours of the Nasir ol Molk Mosque (which apparently has been “discovered by Chinese”, we don’t know exactly what does that mean). Indeed you do it because you want to be a tourist.

For a proper sightseeing, you need also to go to Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh, a.k.a. the Mosque of Mirrors. So you go there, you try to get in, a guy with a feather duster doesn’t let you enter the complex. Then you wait, for something. You can’t actually understand what you’re waiting for. All of a sudden an Iranian lady shows up and bring you around the massive courtyard. You can’t bring the camera in, but you can take pictures with the phone (?). Of course, you can’t enter the shrine, so nobody will ever know why it’s called the Mosque of Mirrors.

It’s two o’clock, and the tourists find shelter in the bazaar first, and under the shade of the orange trees in the courtyard of the citadel after. Quick taste of the mighty local Faloudeh (Italy and Iran might start a war based on who does the better ice-cream), and then the tired tourists fall in a deep coma, full of Iranian take-away, to rest after the last 19 days spent driving across the globe.

Boring, isn’t it?

Number of countries crossed: 11
Days without accidents: 19
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0
Number of invitations received: 7