DAY12 – The road gets better further on

339.57 kms (211 miles for the metric weirdos)
#Yerevan to #Kapan

The travelling distance decreases. The travelling time keeps being the same. Armenian roads are a step forward with respect to what we have got so far in the ranking of “shitty roads around the world”. But we will get the real meaning of the previous sentence only at the end of the day.

Today’s plan is simple and easy. Road from Yerevan to Kapan, with two or three cultural stops depending on the time (yeah, I know, culture, boring, blah blah). Noravank Monastery, the megalytic site of Karahunj, and Tatev Monastery, passing through the Vorotan pass, where we met the crazy Bike Jumboree guys. Everything drifts without any problem, thanks also to the massive unexpected lunch. We reach the last stop and we jump on the longest cable car in the world (which is driven by an ice cream girl). We have our visit at the monastery. Super cool.

As we already said before, you never stop learning from the Mongol Rally. Or probably it’s the other way round: the Mongol Rally never stops teaching you. So, gmaps probably got drunk with Armenian semi-sweet wine while we were at the monastery (see pictures). And what happens when gmaps gets drunk? It tells you to take the fastest route, which happens to be a mule track with horrible gravel and massive stones, pot-holes and whatever crappy obstacle a car can find on its way. Add to it about 500 meters pit on the side without any barrier and a guy with a 4wd signalling to not go down that way for any reason whatsoever. What do you do? Reverse in a limited space, stop chatting with two ladies along the way and take the second fastest road. Please attach the previous description of the road to this second one. 3 hours and a half of jumping, bumping, slipping, braking and swearing, and you’re at home safe and sound.

Tomorrow it’s Iran. Things start getting interesting.

Number of countries crossed: 10
Days without accidents: 12
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0