DAY 16 – Kashan is way too hot

397 miles (638.90 kms for the metric-civilised world)
#Hamedan to #Isfahan

Another day of transition, with a nice stop if the driving conditions allow it. Hamedan early in the morning is swarming, which makes our departure more difficult. The ride to Isfahan is about 6 hours and a half. So why not to make it longer with a stop in Kashan, to see the traditional Iranian noble houses, at three o’clock, with 42° Celsius?

Iranian hospitality never stop awing you. In Kashan, a guy from Isfahan gives us the keys of his apartment to stay there for the two nights we’re planning to spend. Without him being in Isfahan. What-the-f****k? We are speechless. Is useless to say that nobody has let us paying the motorway tolls, no matter how hard we try.

Isfahan at night is splendid. Naqsh-e Jahan Square (apparently the second biggest square in the World) is full of people picnicking. Of course every two meters someone stops us to ask from where we come from or to take a selfie with us (this thing will reach unbelievable levels in the future). We are about to leave and go to sleep to give a little bit of relief to our tired bodies, when we get into a conversation with our new Iranian grandpa, which start feeding us with pumpkin seeds and other dried stuff we still don’t know how to eat. We were tired, but we had a nice 1 hours and a half conversation with grandpa, his son Amir (whose email starts with amir.italiano) and Amir’s wife. Of course we got invited.

Number of countries crossed: 11
Days without accidents: 16
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0
Number of invitations received: 5