DAY 14 – One more photocopy

251 miles (actually done, 2500 miles perceived for the – YYY kms)
#Tabriz to #Marivan

We mark two weeks in the Mongol Rally today. We just move from Tabriz to Marivan. The day could be summarised with the first picture, but let’s report few crucial moments:

1) A guy which we asked an Iranian sim card holding us for about 2 hours (and one thousand copy of Manu’s passport – now we are quite sure they know who Manu is in Iran) in his tiny shop. We will discover only later that he was aiming at bringing us for lunch, that’s why he made us waiting. And the sim card he gave us wasn’t even working.

2) Two kebabs offered and a lot of failed support attempts by three guys of a restaurant, which were feeling guilty for the non-working sim card. Important note: the city where this happened was 200 kms far away from the one where we bought the sim card.

3) The crowd of people gathered to watch us changing the air filter of the car. Apparently everyone around us was a mechanic, and knew everything about changing air filters. Many of them signed the car eventually.

4) A young waiter at the restaurant telling us that someone wanted to talk with us at the phone, out of the blue. We thought we were in troubles, and the Ayatolla in person wanted to talk with us. It ended up being the guy’s cousin calling from a city 300 kms north, notifying us that he wanted us as guests if we were passing by his city.

That’s Iran. And it’s amazing.

Number of countries crossed: 11
Days without accidents: 14
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0