DAY 11 – Yerevan, we will come back

186 miles (about 9.701 x 10^-12 parsec for people like @Lucia Marchetti)
#Tbilisi to #Yerevan

We cannot leave Georgia without stopping in a nearby monastery to taste more local wine. The monastery is empty, apart from a monk which doesn’t seem to be as strong in mathematics as he’s supposed to be in theology. By the way no wine around there, just some dust and monk-made honey.

Apparently we cross the border with Armenia in the only place where there’s no queue. Other ralliers reported 2 hours queues somewhere else at the border. It would take 30 minutes for us, if we didn’t stop chatting with the officers – in spanish (??), and we didn’t attempt to back-cross the border to get some money from the ATM (yes, the ATM is only on the Georgian side).

Armenian welcoming is as warm as the Armenian “motorways” are rough. We immediatly get the message with a couple of nice hits. Thanks God we have a sumpguard. Communication get rougher as well. Fortunately there’s a Panda that speaks basic Russian. It’s fundamental in order to bargain a lunch with Papushka on the way to Yerevan.

We reach Yerevan just in time to try the Georgian dumplings that we didn’t try in Georgia (yeah yeah, we tried Armenian food as well!!).

Number of countries crossed: 10
Days without accidents: 11
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0