DAY 10 – Georgian pedestrian crossing

10.75 miles on foot (17.3 kms for the metric-civilised world)
#Tbilisi to #Tbilisi

An old Georgian proverb says “Every morning, a pedestrian wakes up knowing that he will have to run faster than any other car in Tbilisi if he want to cross the road. Every morning, a car wakes up knowing that it will have ro run faster than any pedestrian in Tbilisi if it doesn’t want to be later. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pedestrian or a car. You will have an accident, at some point.”

Today is rest day. Let’s have a short 17 kms stroll around. Tbilisi in few words: underground passages, super-fast non-stopping-whatsoever cars, wild overtaking, nice neocolonial earthquake-ruined semi-abandoned houses, hard-core sovietic stadiums, five-pounds delicious bottles of wine. Tbilisi is the place where you hop-on a Ford Transit when you take a bus, where cars like to go around without mudgards, and where the underground has a timer that tells you how long has passed since the last train left, so that you can get angry if you miss it for just a second.

We couldn’t help but starting the day by buying the Dynamo Tbilisi jersey at the stadium. Our efforts in wondering around the city without a map are paid back by discovering a local market where they sell awesome fruits, especially gigantic figs. We wander around the old town killing time, waiting for the moment to go for real Georgian aperitiv, which is exactly like the Italian one, except that the bottle of wine costs five pounds. And it’s whooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaa.

Number of countries crossed: 9
Days without accidents: 10
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0