DAY 9 – Never complain about Italian drivers

297 miles (477.97 kms for the metric-civilised world)
#Kars to #Tbilisi

We want to avoid the pack of tourists while visiting the Ani ruins. That’s why we move quite early from Kars to reach the site as soon as it opens. We end up being slightly late, but apparently also the tourists wanted to avoid us (probably because we smell after 9 days of travelling in car): the place is desert. Only the poor archeologists are there to work, and to suffer from our smell. We’ll let the pictures telling how the ruins were. Ani was a fundamental stop on the silk road, whose ancient track is still visible among the ruins. From far, it really looks just like a “tratturo”. That’s why from now on the silk road will be for us “er trattuo daa seta”.
The only single tourist around is the brave Eyup (?), brave because he was so enthusiastic in seeing two strangers around the ruins that he wanted to take a picture with us, despite the smell. While leaving, we also cross team Moving Mountains (brave as well, as they were ok in taking a picture with us).
The border crossing with Georgia goes unexpectedly smoothly. The crossing station is almost desert, just a couple of lorries and a bunch of nice Polish guys. Welcome to the land where, on top of not understanding anything, you find difficulties also in reading such strange letters.
Cows in the middle of the road greet you as you enter in Georgia. You have to continuously dribble them while driving. Unless you don’t want to hug a cow. Which is understandable. Driving in Tbilisi makes us reconsider driving in Belgrade. And in Rome. And in Naples. And in Palermo. It’s just mind blowing. I don’t know in which sense.

Number of countries crossed: 9
Days without accidents: 9
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0