DAY 7 – A dive in the Black Sea

407 miles (442.04 miliarum for the ancient Romans)
#Safranbolu to #Giresun

Today’s problem is where to go next. We know this situation will keep coming during the Mongol Rally, more and more often. Our goal is the Soumela Monastery (about 10 hours away), but we wouldn’t mind also a stop for a dive in the Black See. So we pack and we jump in the car, direction north-east, being completely unshure of where we will stop for the night.

The anatolian landscapes are stunning, continously changing. Same is the conversation we had with the road worker in Ugur. We really appreciat his effort in giving us the directions to get out of the working area. What we can’t appreciate are the actual directions, because they are in Turkish. One way or another we make it out of Ugur.

8 % of slope up to the mountains which divide us from the Black Sea. Again Jelly Belly shows us her temperament, barely reaching 60 km/h. We are racing with trucks up here.

It doesn’t pass long before we can proof our law about randomness and craziness of drivers, which is described by the mathematical function reported at the bottom (skip this bit if you’re not a nerd) (i).

Quick stop for a dive in the Black Sea in a small random beach, where of course people look at us like weirdos. Someone is less shy and takes some selfies with Jelly Belly. While we stop for a Kebab and a Pide in Gerze, we meet a Turkish guy who knows MK. What? How many chances are there to meet someone that knows MK in a small sea town on the coast of the Black Sea? Either we are extremely lucky (and we are not, trust us), or MK is becoming really popular. Which is sad, in a way. Anyway, we definitely give up on reaching Soumela today.

We pass through Unye, Persembe and Giresun, which are the Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica of the Black Sea. We try to have dinner in Persembe, but apparently every restaurant is booked for a wedding. A lot of nice people on the way want to sing our car. Now there are more Turkish writings that in other languages. Everybody is really welcoming and cheerful when they see the big panda. Apart from the two guys at the hotel in Giresun, who looked at us in a strange way when they read something about Cyprus on the car. Who wrote something about Cyprus on the car?!?

(i) First Mongol Rally Theorem:
The coefficient of randomness and craziness of drivers (RCD) in a country (or better, at a certain latitude and longitude) is given by the two variable function reported in the following:
rcd = e^(lat) + e^(long)*

*this function is valid only for the positive quadrant of the globe.

Number of countries crossed: 8
Days without accidents: 7
Number of time the counter has been reset: 0