DAY 5 – Turkey, 4 years later

460 miles (740.30 kms for the metric-civilised world)
#Belgrade to #Edirne

Last leg in the old continent. We left Belgrade early enough (at least this is what we though in that moment) to reach Edirne in the daylight. Driving in Belgrade made us reconsider how nice is driving in Rome. For some unknown reasons, traffic lights become green all together at the crossing. It can be fun. Or it can be not.

Serbia to Turkey through Bulgaria, a place that can offer you extremely nice landscapes such as natural canyons. And also clones of the Pianura Pontina, a flatland of nothing for hours. At least we felt like home (but no bufala around, sadly). People are nice, at the point they wanted to sign our car while waiting at the toll station. We already showed you the picturesque exit procedure we had to follow to get out the motorway. But it is worth mentioning it again.

When you approach Turkey from Bulgaria, you understand that you’re almost there by the queue of trucks. Actually the queue is so long that reaches the middle of Bulgaria, so you don’t really get that you’re close to the border. Luckily, they have their own lane. And after, ahhh! Border crossing! “It won’t take that long this time”. Just 15 minutes to pass the Bulgarian booths and about (at least) 45 queuing on the first Turkish booth with the pleasant company of team Fufy. Apparently we don’t have the green card, so we need to do it. Car searched, queue for the green card and a couple of jokes with the border officers, and we’re ready to go.
They need to search the car again. So we queue again, behind a van of Czech guys going to motocross in Georgia. Another hour overall, until Ilaria shows off her “Bambi eyes”. We head towards Edirne.
Four years after, MKpandas46 is back in Turkey. Here we are again, land of Gozleme and Kofte.

Number of countries crossed: 8
Days without accidents: 5
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0