DAY 4 – When we lost Paolo

452 miles (727.42 kms for the metric-civilised world)
Brno to Belgrade

Waking up in Czech Republic without a hangover is a sin. That’s why we did it. The problem is when you need to exchange local currency (which we hadn’t in that moment) for dollars, and the best employer of the month in the KBC bank suggests you to go the “arabs” instead of getting the money from the bank. Having slept 5 hours and with that little bit of hangover (just to not be a sinner) makes you say “no, the arabs no, please”. That’s why we chose Tesco to the arabs. Yes, I said Tesco, because “Britain first”.
Life alone is not fun enough. That’s why you need friends. Especially friends like Paolo, who came from Rome to Brno to say goodbye to us, and decided to get lost twice, missing the chance to actually say us goodbye. Tell us if this is not being classy.
Passing by Sziget we were tempted to make a stop, but we realised we were a couple of week to early.

You never stop learning from the MongolRally. Today we initiated our experince with border crossing. With a car. You know, it’s different from the airport. There’s no electronic passport portal. There are only queues. A lot. And we have the feeling that these ones, in Europe, are considerably ok (they are not, to our standards, but I fear that our standards will have to adapt and improvein the future).

Well, everybody knows the story of Belgrade and the parking now. Nothing to add so.

Number of coutries crossed: 6
Days without accidents: 4
Number of time the counter has been reset: 0day4_2_fb


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