DAY 3 – Rolling on the German motorways

#DAY 3
526 miles (846.51 kms for the metric-civilised world)
Frankfurt to Brno

Our curse about motorways keeps manifesting. We head east, front to Mongolia and back to Milton Keynes, as someone gently reminded us writing it on the car. An endless sequence of motorway works between Germany and Czech Republic (or whatever new name it has) made our day. You plan 7 hours, it takes 10 to reach the destination. And we’re still in Europe. Probably this is what the Mongol Rally is about. We just need to get over it.
The situation has been made even better by the nice experience at the motorway vignette office on the Czech border, where our cleverness in having no euros, the only broken atm in the gas station, and the final friendliness of the “not my problem” girl at office added that little bit of uncertainty at the trip. When the “game over, your Mongol Rally finishes here” was about to fall on our heads, a fellow rallier (TAG HERE) kicked us out of trouble, providing some financial assistance. We’ll be glad forever.
Important information that will save humanity at some point: Czech motorways squeak.

Days without accidents: 3
Number of time the counter has been reset: 0