DAY 2 – Paris’ traffic jam

#DAY 2
417 miles (671.10 kms for the civilised world)
Paris to Frankfurt

Probably we haven’t got the MongolRally idea very well. Or probably we just don’t know yet what does it mean driving for 417 miles thinking that whatever the navigator says it’s reliable (many thanks, gmaps, see you in hell). If you add to that our dumbness in following its instructions, you obtain 2 wrong directions taken, corresponding to 2 hours delay on the time table. (Whatta hell are we talking about? Timetables and Mongol Rally?) This happens when you claim about boredom of motorways: horrible traffic to get out of Paris, and getting lost in a place where gmaps (should) work perfectly. If we get lost at this stage, well, let’s see what’s gonna happen afterwards.

At least there’s a castle where to sleep waiting for you.

Days without accidents: 2
Number of time the counter has been reset: 0