DAY 1 – The Goodwood lap

#DAY 1
331 miles ran (532.69 kms in the civilised world)
Goodwood to Paris

The only thing we are sure about right now is that there will be a point in which we won’t able to post stuff. Either because the technology won’t assist us anymore, or more simply because we’ll get bored.
A lap in the famous (?) Goodwood circuit, and then straight to Dover. We wanted to try the long jump over the channel to reach France faster, but the guy at the custom discouraged us, so we took the usual ferry. Time on the ship has been passed in different ways. Manu couldn’t resist the best fish’n’chips of the channel.
The road to Paris was boring as boring can be driving on any European motorway (we know we’ll regret this comment). The boredom of the way has been well paid back by good friends, good food and especially good limoncello.
Now, it’s time to start our accident counter:

Days without accidents: 1
Number of times the counter has been reset: 0